Technical Support

Consultancy & Engineering division of SM can handle customer requirements promptly and suggest best possible solutions with various alternatives.Once the customer's neds are identified,we can provide the most economical Mills Layouts resulting in High Productivity and Product Quality.We lay special emphasis on Specific Fuel & Power Consumption and ensure environment friendly,polution free facilities.

  • SM Consultancy Services division also undertakes technology up-gradation and modernizaion of existing Mills for higher Productivity, Better Quality,Fuel & Power EFFiciency and Reduction in Environment Pollution.
  • SM has complete technical know-how to design,manufacture and Rolling Mill Plants as per Coustmer's Specific needs from 0.30 Lacs to 3.00 Lacs M.T production capacity per year.
  • SM covers vast product ranges of 125-750 mm PCD (30") Rolling Mill Plants with desired automation.
  • SM also undertakes manufaturing of Hot Rolling Mills for the Rolling of all Graded steels and Stainless Stell,Alloy Steel,Copper, per specific needs of customers.
  • SM designs Rolling Mills Equipments to produces TMT Bar,etc.
  • SM provides Roll Pass Desings for the rolling of all Sections,Special Profiles and Railway Tracks,etc.
  • SM has well euiped engineering Workshop with over 75 precision 7 heavy machine tools.
  • SM also takes up Engineering Job Work as per Customer's Drawings and Specifications to utilize spare Machining Capacity.
  • SM prepares feasibility reports (FRs),Detailed Project Reports and Layouts for Rolling Mills.
  • SM has a strong team of Technical Personnel and it is associated with reputed Consultancy Orgaization to provide Total Engineering Support.
  • SM takes up Modernization,Revamping and Refurbishing of existing Mills.